Meet Us

Little Kivvii idea came as a form of inspiration from the previous months of study into personal development and positive mindset growth.

Our journey started in April this year when Kristina had the idea of writing a children's affirmation book for our kids. The purpose of the book was to help our children become aware and nurture the power within them through repetition of affirmation. 

The goal was to empower our own children by giving them the stepping stones to success, but quickly evolved into a vision of sharing it with the world.

Little Kivvii is just little Kiwi, but our kids pronounce Kiwi as Kivvii being half Kiwi and half German. 


Say hello to the Purcell's,


"Your greatest gift to the world might not be something you do, but someone you raised"

Fabian Purcell

33 years old, proud dad to 4 boys and 1 daughter.

 Loves being outside, skateboarding/boxing/training and spending time with his family.

Coming from a transport industry background, where he spent 15 years dedicated to the same company. With little education was able to work himself into management, managing a team of 50+ men and women.

Fabian is an open minded person, loves banter and a good laugh.

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Kristina Purcell

29 years old, is the mama to 4 wild boys and step-mum to a beautiful girl. Coming from a diverse background being half Thai/half German, giving her the ability to speak 3 languages fluently.

A full-time mum for 8 years, with a degree in interior design, she uses her creativity to express her passions in her love for cooking and dance.

Always finding new ways to keep the kids learning and having fun, makes the Purcell house a colorful adventure.

Kristina is fun and loving, always putting her family first.

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